Class Roodi::Checks::ClassVariableCheck
In: lib/roodi/checks/class_variable_check.rb
Parent: Roodi::Checks::Check

Checks to make sure class variables are not being used..

Class variables in Ruby have a complicated inheritance policy, and their use can lead to mistakes. Often an alternate design can be used to solve the problem instead.

This check is looking for a code smell rather than a definite error. If you‘re sure that you‘re doing the right thing, try turning this check off in your config file.


Public Instance methods


# File lib/roodi/checks/class_variable_check.rb, line 19
      def evaluate_start(node)
        add_error "Don't use class variables. You might want to try a different design."


# File lib/roodi/checks/class_variable_check.rb, line 15
      def interesting_nodes